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You can check the template compatibility on the template preview page in the technical details section (see the Screenshot is the word used to describe the action of capturing your computer desktop or anything shown on your computer screen to a static image file.

In other words, it is a way of taking a snapshot, or picture, of your computer screen. For example, below you can see a screenshot of some settings in the site admin panel: Screenshots can be very helpful when you need to demonstrate something that would be difficult to explain in words.

In case you are using already the most recent version of Virtuemart 2.6 and your extensions are up to date, then some of your extensions may be already VM3 compatible.

If you find extensions not compatible to VM3, then ask the developer to update it.

Despite to this complex procedure an upgrade is almost like a simple update.

But not revertable, therefore create a backup, use it as a second installation and test the update process first.

Upgrading your Virtue Mart Joomla component is quite easy and straight-forward.

Then you should upload the package to your account. Please make sure you backup your files and your database.

I have got info from our developer that he will take a look at VM3 as soon as possible, so in January all templates from last 2 years should get a new update.

," in this tutorial we will show you how to perform a software update.

The retrieval of files you backed up is called restoring them.

It means that the old data is imported into new tables with a new structure.

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