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Drake said her relationship with Parker was intense. "Rich and I, our relationship was very overwhelming at first. And it was scary to me that my search for someone was done." Drake said her struggle to fully accept their relationship meant the two would date on and off for months at a time. "Did Andrew ever express concern about you being with Mr. Later that night, Drake got together with Parker at the Moore Township garage where he fixed vehicles. Drake said she gave Parker a back massage in the garage after they laid down blankets on the floor. The 36-year-old was in the doorway of the garage bay, she said, his face frighteningly pale. Hess remained nearby and authorities took photos of him, blood smeared on his clothing and hands.During a period in April when she said she and Parker were no longer together, Drake said she was intimate with Hess. She said while the two were chatting for hours in Parker's red Honda Civic, Hess was texting her -- asking to hanging out. The two had sex after the massage and chatted before falling asleep, she said. Drake, seated on the blankets behind a vehicle, couldn't see what happened, but she said she heard a commotion. Drake remained composed on the witness stand, but refused to look in the direction of the defense counsel during questioning. Hess' preliminary hearing before District Judge Robert Hawke took place Wednesdsay afternoon in the county courthouse in Easton.Hess, wearing a red prison jumpsuit, was mostly expressionless throughout the hearing, his round, youthful face fixed on air in front of him.“He flirted with me and invited me to walk along the golf course with him,” she said.

Zervos filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, claiming Trump defamed her.Four women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault vowed Saturday they would not back down now that he is president.Temple Taggart, Summer Zervos, Jessica Drake and Rachel Crooks joined their attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference in Washington, D. hours before the Women’s March on Washington was to begin.Witness, victim, defendant were all close Drake first met Hess, of Nazareth, during a blind date in the spring of 2013, she said. Victim and witness fall asleep in garage before murder On July 10, Drake dropped off some gas money for Hess before he started work. Lysek testified that Parker suffered two fatal stab wounds -- one to his abdomen and one to his back. "I started to panic because it was getting harder and harder for him to breath," Drake said, her voice shaking.The pair started dating in August of that year, but she said she "broke it off" in December because Hess "got physical" with her. In the meantime, the Emmaus woman said she started dating Parker, who she said was "good friends" with Hess. They spoke for a short time, hugged and she left, Drake testified. I didn't know what happened." Drake dressed herself and rushed to Parker's side, she said. Drake said the 911 dispatcher talked her through applying pressure to the wounds so she wrapped Parker in a sheet and straddled him, pressing her knees into his wounds to stop the blood. "He wasn't moving his jaw as much." By the time police arrived, Parker had died, according to authorities. A survival-type knife, adorned with the phrase "Alabama Slammer" was later recovered from the area in a nearby pond.

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