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A followup appearance is set Tuesday to evaluate his progress. George resident Taylor John Hummel, 22, was arrested in a similar undercover sting last week after he allegedly tried to use an online sex advertising website to arrange a liaison with a young girl in the area.

Hummel was booked at the jail on a ,000 bail bond but was released last weekend.

George business complex where the arranged meeting was set to take place.

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The hope, Pell would later say, was that his presence alongside Ridsdale would “lessen his time in jail.” A photo of the moment made the rounds in Australian media, stoking outrage among victims and their supporters who wondered why the high-ranking clergyman had accompanied the accused pedophile to court.

Ridsdale would go on to plead guilty to the charges and later be imprisoned on dozens of other counts of sexually assaulting children, in one of the most notorious pedophilia rings in the country’s history.

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Victoria Deputy Police Commissioner Shane Patten did not offer details about the case but said Pell had been notified through a legal representative that he must appear in court on July 18, as The Washington Post has reported.

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