Dating with fire

It’s only been the last several years that social media has had such a major impact on the dating game.

Labor harassment at work, from the sexual revolution, the heart orgasm gap has often.

The ram has long been a symbol of determination, leadership, authority and initiative in various ancient histories and cultures.

Mars, the “God of War,” is our ruling planet, which means that we have a “show no mercy/take no prisoners” attitude toward life.

While the rest of you keep everything bottled up, us Aries lay it all out in the open.

Whatever is on our mind is coming out of our mouth.

The science that uses tree rings to date and study past and present changes in glaciers.

Example: analyzing ring widths of trees to determine how much rainfall fell per year long before weather records were kept.

The science that uses tree rings to study factors that affect the earth's ecosystems.

Finding love on your mobile phone has become all the rage.

We no longer have to go home to check our inboxes to see if there’s been an email received by a potential suitor.

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